Karmic Sutra Obsidian Yoni Egg

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  1. PERFECT FIT - Best quality control to ensure high quality polish. Each egg is made of 100% natural Obsidian Hand carved, this yoni egg is safer than metal and silicon products.
  2. IMPROVES HEALTH - Tones and tightens pelvic muscles preventing sagging of the uterus, rectum and bladder; increases vaginal lubrication; regulates hormonal balance; & maintains healthy reproductive organs.
  3. PERFORM EXERCISES CORRECTLY - Yoni weights allow you to identify the right muscles ensuring you are doing exercises correctly. Includes use and care instructions.

     1.Q :What is Kegel exercise?
         A:Kegel exercise are a series of exercise designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
     2.Q :What is the function of using eggs for kegel exercises?
        A: Women who have used the eggs have helped improve the quality of their life. After menopause, many women have vaginal dryness and the vaginal canal loses its health. The kegel exercises helps them become moist and improves their health.
     3.Q :Why the eggs have three different sizes?
        A:If you are using them for kegel exercises, start with the large egg, then the medium egg. As your kegel muscles improve, you can change to the smallest egg, because it takes more "skill" to use the smallest egg, and will improve the muscles that make sexual activity more pleasurable.
     4.Q :How to perform the kegel exercises?
        A:To perform the kegel exercises, first empty your bladder. Insert the egg and squeeze the muscles which you will feel as the egg moves. This lifts the pelvic floor. Hold for a count of ten, and then relax for a count of ten. Do 10 sets, three times a day. The key to success is doing kegel exercises daily, regularly. When your pelvic floor improves and you get the results you want, do the exercise daily, at least once a day. If you pelvic floor is in good health and you have good muscle tone, to keep these muscles strong simply insert the egg at least four times each week and wear them while you regular activities for 20 minutes.
      5.Q: How to clean the egg?
        A:Please clean the Egg with warm water and soap, just be careful not to put them directly in boiling water or they will crack.
  • Warning
  1. ​Do not use egg if you have infection or any vaginal discomfort, do not use egg without permission of your gynecologist if you have problems . Before first use, boil in the water for 10 -15 minutes on low heat. Please, do not lower cold eggs into boiling water. They will crack. Wash thoroughly after each use with water and soap the water  temperature should be lower than 50℃.
  2. As the small components, please avoid children eating, it may arouse choking.
  3. Do not wash it with vinegar and household disinfectant.
  4. Each jade or crystal egg is approximately size but the jade or crystal size, color and shape can vary slightly since this gemstone is created naturally and each one is unique. Please expect slight variations.

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